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About Me

                                                Meka Stombaugh

Meka Stombaugh is a vibrant, energetic, passionate, altruistic and eclectic woman who has dedicated her life and career to helping others.  Meka has flourished in the classroom helping to guide and educate children with special needs. She uses her life experience and expertise to mentor and assist clients to achieve their life goals.  Interestingly enough, Meka is a natural at coaching and giving advice.  Her compassion for her clients shines through. 
Meka has been sought out for advice since the age of 10 years old.  A mother of two children, she worked diligently to receive her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary/Special Education with an Intense Intervention certification. It only took her 17 years to accomplish this!  Meka has also been a certified nursing assistant and a paralegal/litigation specialist.  Meka believes that you can do anything you set your mind to.
She loves dance, theatre, museums and any form of artistic expression.  You will see this incorporated in her work.  Meka enjoys natural settings, traveling and spending time with loved ones.
Meka's philosophy towards her work is that each client gets back what they put in.  Hard work really pays off!